Exchange Student Runs 5k with Family

Running Into New Adventures

Each year our students and their host families take a leap of faith. They know that traveling to a new country or hosting an exchange student carries with it many pitfalls. Yet they take that leap because of the far greater rewards that meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and creating new, global families bring to everyone who participates.

Just as students strive to fit in to their new families and school, families are also eager to share their passions with their student. Sometimes it’s cooking, or a community activity, or a family tradition. And sometimes it’s running! Paulina from Sweden joined her host family in Utah in a 5k run, with the enthusiasm that our students bring to challenges big and small throughout their exchange years. Here’s what Paulina’s host mom had to say about the event.

We couldn't have asked for a better student for our family this year. She has fit right in from the beginning and has been open to all our adventures. We all ran a 5k together as a family and all the kids placed in their age group. Paulina got 3rd place in her race. We are proud of her and so glad that she is willing to run towards any opportunities she has been given. 

 —Jamie Paskins (UT), host mom of Paulina (Sweden)