The Skills to Engage Globally

Like the U.S. Department of Education, high school administrators who invite PAX students into their halls recognize the need for American students to develop “the skills and disposition to engage globally” as well as “the ability to think critically and creatively to solve complex problems.”

Exchange High School

PAX host schools appreciate that foreign exchange high school programs are one of the most effective ways to expose young people to cultural diversity and encourage cross-cultural understanding. The entire school community benefits from a walking, talking, learning opportunity, which galvanizes intellectual curiosity and makes the world a bigger, friendlier place.

Fresh Perspectives

Imagine teachers drawing on the experience and hometown knowledge of the Florentine student in the second row while studying the Italian renaissance. Think of the impact when a South Asian student offers examples from their own country as compared to American political systems during third period U.S. government. Consider the absolutely unique perspectives of international peers in every course—even beyond geography, government, history, or language classes.

PAX School Support

Just as PAX students and families receive personalized support, each school has a qualified local PAX representative. This representative’s work begins with an understanding that each individual school’s policy regarding exchange student enrollment, grade placement, participation in sports and extra-curricular activities, and possible participation in a graduation ceremony will be respected. Throughout the school year, the local representative remains available to school officials—as does the PAX national office.

The Academic in “Academic Exchange”

PAX students maintain at minimum a “C” in each class. They also carry a full course load, which includes at least four core subjects. All PAX students enjoy the unique experience of taking English along with U.S. history, government, economics, or social studies. This allows students to take full advantage of uniquely American courses while in America—a particularly significant experience in their academic careers.

PAX PLUS - Peace Through Learning, Understanding, and Sharing

PAX PLUS creates opportunities for PAX students to give back to their host schools by sharing their knowledge and culture and to their host communities through volunteer activities and civic engagement. International Education Week (IEW) is also an important opportunity for students to give presentations about their culture to the entire school, an individual language class, or even younger pupils at the local elementary school. Every PAX scholarship student makes at least one presentation during their student exchange program.

A World of Opportunities

If you’re interested in the benefits of welcoming exchange students into your school and community or providing opportunities for American students abroad, call us now at 800.555.6211. A world of opportunities awaits.

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