Minnesota high school exchange student from Pakistan visiting a church for the first time
Muhammad captures a shot of his very first visit to a church.

A First Month of Many Firsts

Exchange year is a life in a year and so far it has been splendid. Exchanging cultures, trying new things, playing sports, doing volunteering work, and spending quality family time all went perfectly well. I felt proud presenting cultural gifts to my family because of the excitement of their faces while seeing the talents of common Pakistani handicraft workers. It sure made a positive image of Pakistan.

I tried many new things. I saw a church from inside. It was a great experience. Listening to the priest’s sermon, I realized that Islam and Christianity are much similar than different. I tried kayaking, canoeing, and pedal rafting for which I am thankful to my family. Going on a boating trip along the Mississippi River and volunteering by helping my parents clean one of their rental properties are perfect examples of things which made me more comfortable with my family.

The time here is not only making me responsible by doing my own chores but also helping me discover the finer side of myself and gaining self-confidence. I hope to spend more quality time in the coming months and complete my exchange year successfully.

Muhammad (YES, Pakistan), hosted by the Rothering family (MN)