FLEX international student from Turkmenistan in front of the castle at Disney World in Orlando
Anastasiya takes in all of the magic of the Magic Kingdom.

A Magical Thanksgiving

I imagine that when students come to the U.S. for this program, there is always some concern about how they will adapt to their new environment and get along with everyone. Throughout our entire Thanksgiving trip to Disney World, Anastasiya was nothing less than a blessing to have as a part of our family. She came ready for the long car ride, interacted wonderfully with everyone on the trip, and exhibited a positive attitude throughout. She never expressed anything less than sincerity and openness to being a part of our family, a real interest in the world around her, and an overall excitement about everything she saw and did with us on this trip.

While we tried not to play “20 Questions” to test her knowledge of Turkmenistan and the U.S., we liked hearing about her home, the process she went through to join this program, and the transitions she made once she arrived. Anastasiya was engaging and always had a wonderful outlook and attitude. And of course, she enjoyed every minute that we were at the parks, and it was fun to watch her grasp the Disney experience. She did all this while also representing your program, her homeland, and her parents in a wonderful light.

—Steve Mikell (AL) father of Anastasiya's (FLEX, Turkmenistan) friend Heidi