Group of international PAX students in a historical building in Bowens Mills during an enhancement trip in Michigan
Victoria and the rest of her PAX friends explore historic Bowens Mills

A Perfect Weekend

If someone had told me one year ago that perfect days exist, I wouldn't have believed them. But a year has passed, and I am a different person, in a different country, with different friends, and I know it is possible.

On a cold autumn Saturday, my coordinator invited all the exchange students on a two-day trip. I call the first day “sand” day, because I never knew that the sand can be everywhere—from your mouth to your shoes. Do you know why??? Because we had dune rides at Saugatuck! Thirteen extremely different students in the same car, screaming at every big turn and any time it went fast.
The view from the highest place was unforgettable—the bright lake, the golden sand, the green grass and trees. But the best part was the friends who were there with me. The forest with the tall trees and the black snake added a lot of color to our experience.

Later in the evening, we spent time all together, using our imaginations to create Halloween jars. The results showed the differences there are between us, but at the same time, the things that bring us together—being human beings.

The dance party after this helped us to use our best moves to express ourselves.

The next day, we travelled back in time and enjoyed the good weather in Historic Bowens Mills.
In conclusion, I can say that if you want to have a good exchange year, a great thing to do is communicate with others during this kind of fun trip.

—Victoria (FLEX, Moldova), hosted by the Benavides family (MI)