Amelie not only learned about American football, she’s playing it!

All-American Teen

Hallo! My name is Amelie, and I am an exchange student from Frankfurt, Germany.

I am being hosted my Dad’s exchange brother from when he was my age, and I think that is very awesome! Now, I live in Georgia in a beautiful cabin house on a big property with my host parents and my younger host sister along with a dog, two cats, a pony, and five chickens. I love having these animals around me, because I always wished to have a pet in Germany.

Since I arrived here, I have experienced lots of new things and received so many impressions, for example the high school football games on Friday nights. In the beginning, I didn’t even understand the rules, but my friends explained it to me, and I understood more with every game. I love how everybody dresses up for a theme in the student section and how they support and cheer for their team. Recently, there was an "American Out," so everybody—including me—showed up in stars and stripes! It was so much fun, and I really enjoy the school spirit here.

I can proudly say that I made it on the very first flag football team. Beginning this year, they offer girls flag football at every school in Gwinnett County, and I am part of it. It is very new to me to play a sport in which you are part of a team, but it is so much fun! We practice one time and have two games a week. Sadly, the season is over at the end of November, but until then I will enjoy it!

—Amelie (Germany), hosted by the Cooper family (GA)