Yes, this will be on the quiz—which will be graded in candy.

An Unforgettable Week in November

International Education Week (IEW) was awesome! I did 12 presentations about my beloved country Indonesia at school. I felt lots of excitement, respect, love, and support. When I tried to give my best to my audiences without thinking what I would receive, I received more than I could have expected. I didn’t even ask to get pictures after presentations, because I wanted to respect my teachers' time. I tried to use the time that they gave to the fullest for the presentation and questions, so I could share more about my country. A lot of things happened but most impressive was how people reacted after learning about Indonesia.

In one class, someone asked me about things that Americans do that would be considered impolite in Indonesia. My explanations were about giving something to someone with your left hand, the way Indonesian students treat their teachers and older people, and also about Indonesian kindness when somebody asks for directions. I told them that instead of just pointing the way, most Indonesians will walk you to the place that you asked about.

There were unforgettable moments during IEW. I woke up at 4:45 in the morning to introduce my classmates to a traditional food in Indonesia called otak-otak. I asked them what they thought otak meant in English and then explained that otak in English is brain! They were so surprised. I told them the base of otak-otak is chicken or fish brain. I told them I had never tried that but am sure it’s delicious—we all laughed. We also talked about chili sauce. I told them I found hot sauce in America to be not very hot for me, and they laughed. 

After the Q and A session, I gave them a quiz about my presentation. Whoever answered my question fastest got a key chain, candy, or chocolate. It was very exciting. This was an unforgettable week for me.

—Ardana (YES, Indonesia), hosted by the Forbes family (OR)