December 2019, Vol. XXV, No. 4

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3) International Education Week

"I was too concerned about making mistakes during my presentations! In order to overcome that, I kept practicing until I memorized the whole thing perfectly. After that, I also practiced for my host family."

—Seoyeon (South Korea), hosted by the Adams family (IN)

Big Planning, Big Audiences

Libyan high school exchange student in traditional dress, sitting on map of world 

I started International Education Week with high hopes to change the view of Muslims and Middle Eastern people.

For almost everyone I have met here, I am the only person they have ever met who is from the region of North Africa and the Middle East. I knew that I had to work hard and plan accordingly, so I did!

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Celebrating Indonesia

Indonesian exchange student with Indonesian flag classroom presentation 

I have been learning about a new culture for three months in the U.S. In November, it was my turn to introduce Indonesia to the people of Indiana!

For International Education Week (IEW), I organized a celebration at Whiteland Community High School with other exchange students and the Culture Club. We made a proposal to school administrators...

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Ukrainian Soul of IEW

Teenage girl with traditional Ukrainian dress giving the peace sign 

 For me, this week was emotional. Since I am in some ways a perfectionist, my task was to make everything perfect, so that everybody will remember not only me but most importantly, about Ukraine.

Therefore, I gave all my time and energy to preparing my presentation. There were a million ideas, so the hardest thing was...

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