Young host siblings goofing around in a pile of fall leaves with their exchange student sister from Pakistan


Share your America


Imagine sharing your corner of the U.S. with a high school exchange student from one of 70 countries

Whether they hail from Latin America, Europe, Asia, or Africa, PAX exchange students share a common goal: a sincere desire to experience and better understand the U.S. by participating in real-life activities as a student and family member.

Baseball, Barbeques, and Birthday Parties—Your World through Their Eyes

Whether you bake chocolate chip cookies, plant flower bulbs, or play fetch with your Labrador Retriever, the things you take for granted will seem fresh and new when shared with a PAX student. American holiday celebrations—carving a jack-o’-lantern, preparing a Thanksgiving feast, or watching a Memorial Day parade together—will create cherished lifelong memories.

Your Family Has Much to Offer

As a host family, you welcome this new son or daughter into your home, provide them with a bed, a place to study, and a seat at the dining table. Above all, you encourage the student to engage in American life—while you learn about your new family member’s country and culture. Through the exchange program, PAX students gain a well-rounded understanding of the U.S. while learning to be more reflective about their own country.

Watch Your Family Grow

Meanwhile, without the need for a passport or plane ticket, your family gains an appreciation of another country and culture. Your own view of America broadens—in ways you couldn’t have imagined. By sharing holidays, celebrations, and daily activities—and by working through challenges that arise along the way—everyone learns to recognize that no matter where they call home, people have more similarities than differences.

Make your America their America

Because the U.S. is so large and diverse, there is no singular or correct way to view it. Through the year, your student comes to know your little corner of America—a unique view that can only result from living in your community, attending your local high school, and becoming a member of your family.


Naturally, your family has many questions. Give us a call now, fill out a quick inquiry and we’ll get back to you, or we can arrange for a local representative to meet with your family in person. In the meantime, we’ve tried to answer as many frequently asked questions about the hosting experience as possible. 

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