PAX high school exchange student dressed as a fairy at the Texas Renaissance Festival with her host family
Host sister Emily and Valentyna dressed as fairies when they attended the Texas Renaissance Festival with Mom (Janelle) and Dad (Justice)

Finding Family

I couldn't imagine that I would have such a wonderful host family! Since my first day living with the Edges, I started feeling like a real member of the family, and every day we become closer and closer. We have a lot in common, especially with my host sister Emily. Because I'm only an only child in my natural family, I thought it would be difficult to have a sibling. But fortunately, I was mistaken. I enjoy every single day being with her, and now I can’t imagine my life in Ukraine without my sister. Even now, as I write this, she is attending her acting class, and I haven’t seen her almost all day—I miss her. But I know when she gets back, we will have a big group hug and a good family time.

I cannot describe how grateful I am to the Edge family! This is an invaluable experience for me. Thank you for this opportunity!

—Valentyna (FLEX, Ukraine) hosted by the Edge family (TX)