PAX student from Japan volunteering at an animal shelter in in Nevada with her American friends
Yuno (center) and friends volunteering at an animal shelter

Helping Four-Legged Friends

Following her passion for animals, one of the first school clubs that Yuno from Japan joined was the Animal Advocate club at Foothill HS in Henderson, NV. In addition to making new human friends in this club, Yuno has participated in many different activities for the betterment of animals in local shelters. She has walked dogs, made dog toys, cleaned horse pens, brushed horses and fed them apple treats, and collected pet food and toys for the animal shelters. Meeting twice monthly after school and doing community activities at shelters on Saturdays has given Yuno a great opportunity to spend time with both her human and four-legged friends. Nice way to give and get back, Yuno!

 â€”Margaret Hoppe, community coordinator (NV)