PAX community coordinator jumps in the air with her exchange students during an enhancement trip in Orlando
The Georgia cluster goes airborne during their adventurous Orlando getaway!

Jumping Right In!

Although getting to Orlando was an adventure in itself, it was worth it in the end! After a much-delayed bus trip, seven students and I arrived at the Marriott Harbour Lakes Vacation Club on September 3. The kids enjoyed exploring the resort, taking advantage of miniature golf and a mini waterpark. On Sunday, the group split up to go to Sea World and Universal Studios, where they all enjoyed their experiences.

Monday was another relaxing resort day, but the kids did make plans for the next day at Walt Disney World—there were no disappointments! This is the first time I’ve planned a trip like this. It was a great group of kids, and they all seemed to really appreciate the opportunity—so I’ll probably do it again!

—Roxanne Lau (GA), regional development manager

The trip to Orlando was amazing. We went to Sea World and Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Our dear coordinator, Mrs. Roxanne Lau, did a great job. She drove us to and from Orlando, made food, and even did laundry. She should get the “Best Coordinator” Award of the year.

—Michal (Poland)

On the first day, we stayed in the hotel, swam and did a lot of activities. On the second day, we went to Sea World, and it was the best. The killer whale show and the dolphin show were awesome. The next day we went shopping. I didn’t buy that much, but it was a great chance to experience American shopping malls, which are so different from Korea. The final day we went to Disney World, and there were not many people so we could enjoy it fully. I am so thankful to go on this trip and meet good people.

—Christine (S. Korea)

Sea World was amazing. My favorite thing was the dolphin show. On the next day we had time to relax. The girls went shopping and me and my friend Michal did some activities at the resort. We played mini golf, Frisbee, and went to the pool. On the last day we all went to Disney World. The best thing of the trip was to spend time with the exchange students.

—Michael (Germany)

I loved this trip to Orlando. The resort was great; it had a lot of things to do. Universal Studios and Disney World were great. I had a really good time. It was a great trip, and I wish we could go back.

—Juana (Spain)

The trip to Florida was fantastic! The resort had many activities for the guests. We went swimming, watching the shows, etc. The food was tasty and fresh—cooked by Roxanne (the best cook ever)! We went shopping at the mall near the resort, which is so enjoyable. Two days at the park are notable. I got to see many new things. I got to ride many attractions and got to see many interesting things there. Five days seemed very short. It was the best trip ever.

—Job (Thailand)

I loved Harry Potter part of Universal Studios, the roller coaster, and the Parade of Disney World. I was actually not interested in going to Disney World before this trip. However, after I went there, I totally changed my mind. It just perfectly creates the fantasy of my childhood. I’m really grateful I could have such a great chance.

—Yizhe (China)

What I liked: one day longer at the beautiful hotel, tasty meals, first time I had a “family life” in the USA, spent time with other exchange students, great chance to make new friends, see a lot of the country/culture.

—Angela (Germany)