Spanish exchange student with her Alabama host family in front of the Hollywood sign during a family trip
Andrea with the Bryant host family, Carol, Forrest, Forrest Jr., and Ava on a trip to California.

More Alike than Different

My name is Andrea, and I’m a student ambassador from Barcelona, Spain living in the state of Alabama with my host mum, dad, sister, and brother. They are awesome, I could not have asked for a better one!

I have Celiac disease which means that I have to eat completely gluten-free. The truth is, I was a little concerned about it before coming here. I knew that this was a challenge with which I would have to deal. Fortunately, I have had very few problems with it! I did not know that here lots of people know about it, and actually many others also eat gluten-free too! My host sister has Celiac disease, and other family members are gluten intolerant, so the whole family eats gluten-free. This helps me so much in my experience, because I do not have to worry at all about the food when we were at home! There are many restaurants with gluten-free menus, gluten-free bakeries, and the supermarkets have lots of gluten-free items too. Going out to eat with friends has never been so easy.

This has been such a great experience, and the year has passed by so fast! I will never forget such a great experience!

—Andrea from Spain, hosted by the Bryant family (AL)