25 Years of PAX Press

The newspaper for exchange students, host families, and schools first appeared in 1995. Though the now-entirely-digital publication may seem a long way from the original newsprint, the stories are much the same: becoming family, discovering school spirit, getting to know the community, appreciating the joys of addition to colorful anecdotes about cultural differences, thoughtful look backs at the impact of the program, and much more!

Share Your Story

Whether you are a student, host family, coordinator, school official, PAX alum, or another member of the extended PAX family, we want to hear from you. Email your stories, photos, and videos to the PAX Press team to be featured in the next issue.

A Slice of History

Whether you missed last month's edition or are interested in scanning the archives of PAX history, you'll find links to back issues through 2010 at the bottom of this page.

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