Yousaf goes barefoot in his first snow

No Cold Feet for Yousaf!

Finally, Wisconsin got its beautiful snow. It slowly descended around us until I woke up to find that everything outside was covered in beautiful white—a winter miracle. When I saw it snowing for the first time, I got so excited that I forget the cold and just wanted to enjoy the scene and snow. When not playing in the snow, I have alos been involved in school sports. Now that football  has come to an end, I have joined the wrestling team.

I had never wrestled before, but this interesting sport has always fascinated me. When I learned that my school was providing me a chance to be a part of the wrestling family, I didn't even hesitate for a second and jumped right into practice. So far it has turned out to be an amazing experience for me.

International Education Week was also a highlight of my past month. I managed to give 30 presentations in many different places, such as my school and different churches. I was able to address a total of approximately 1,000 - 1,300 people, ranging from elementary school students and faculty to senior citizens and town officials.

I had a bag full of Pakistani cultural items that I carried around with me to every place I visited. We also did some Pakistani dances and the people in the audience learned how to speak some words in Urdu. 

I dressed up each day in my cultural clothes to give them the best picture of my country and my culture, and I believe I did a pretty good job with it too, because now almost everybody in town knows me. People stop by and say hi more often, ask questions, and say something nice about Pakistan. I feel I am fulfilling my duty as an ambassador!  

—Yousaf (YES, Pakistan), hosted by the Staff family (WI)