December 2018, Vol. XXIV, No. 4

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5) Students of the Month


FLEX December Nominee

December FLEX SOM Catalina Starry Night Beauty Revue 425x425

PAX is excited to nominate Catalina Pasari, a FLEX exchange student from Moldova and Armory, MS to be the December FLEX Student of the Month.

Catalina has been involved in many events and school activities during her time in the U.S. so far, and she is looking forward to what the rest of her exchange year will bring! One of her favorite American school traditions was homecoming week, where she not only dressed up every day of the week, but had the opportunity to choreograph all of the skits performed at the pep rally. She acted in one of the skits, too! Catalina appreciates that she was able to bring leadership, organization, and creativity to this school event, and share her culture with American students while doing so. For her awesome work during homecoming week, she was presented with a PRIDE (Positive Recognition Inspire Daily Excellence) award by her school principal!

Catalina takes seven classes at her Mississippi high school. After school, she often volunteers at a local nursing home. She paints the ladies’ nails, plays board games with residents, and reads for them. This is where she has completed most of her 35+ hours of community service, along with some work at the Red Cross and with her local church youth group. For International Education Week, Catalina shared her presentation in two different classes, cooked Moldovan pie and soup for her church community, and taught the church youth group folk dances.

Notably, Catalina took part in the Starry Night beauty revue at her high school. Catalina and the other contestants practiced for a month before the contest. Although she did not win, she says, “I did not see it like a contest, but like a concert, because it was not about the most beautiful girl or boy, it was about teamwork and supporting each other. We helped each other as much as we could. We all contributed in the creation of choreography; we gave advice to each other about the choice of dresses; and we tried to make everybody to feel like a family.”

We are sure that Catalina will continue to impress this year with her joyful personality and open-minded attitude. It is with pride that PAX nominates Catalina Pasari as FLEX December Student of the Month!

—The PAX Sponsored Team


YES December Nominee

December 2018 YES SOM Moez 425x425

PAX is happy to nominate Moez Boussarsar, a YES exchange student from Tunisia and Flagstaff, AZ to be the December YES Student of the Month.

Moez demonstrates all the great characteristics of a successful YES exchange student. He became involved in community service and school events quickly and enthusiastically. The very week he arrived, he began volunteering, joined the city soccer league, impressed many classmates with his Rubik’s cube skills, and placed second in the state cubing competition!

He receives “A” grades in all of his classes, which include Physics, Graphic Design, Psychology, Business, U.S. Government, and English. As the result of a discussion in Government class, he led a campaign effort to register new U.S. voters, since many students in his class turned 18 in time to vote in November. Moez also spends a considerable amount of time tutoring other exchange students in math/calculus. For IEW, Moez dressed in his traditional attire every day of the week, brought in halva and other treats for his classmates, and presented about Tunisia.

Moez volunteers at the church his host family attends, assisting with childcare and special events. He is also participating in a kindness campaign through his Psychology class, and he volunteers to read to children each week at the family food center where homeless and low income families are provided dinner every day. He has currently completed over 40 volunteer service hours.

The Seelhammer family says of hosting Moez, “He fit right in with our family. He’s attended and volunteered with us at the annual Festival of Science, joined us in touring colleges with our son, and taught us to cook the foods of his country.” With its Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff is a great place for Moez to be hosted, as he hopes to study astrophysics in college. He has been attending local astronomical society events, and learning about telescopes and astronomy.

Moez has amazing cubing skills, and participates in international and state cubing events. He has won state awards which led to news coverage of him and the YES program.

Moez is a cheerful, outgoing, helpful, and curious young man who has made many friends and joins in wherever he can contribute. At PAX headquarters, we know of Moez from his “one-handed cubing” video submission to the “PAX’s Got Talent!” contest in which he was a finalist. We are proud to nominate Moez Boussarsar as YES Student of the Month!

—The PAX Sponsored Team