July 2019, Vol. XXIV, No. 7

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Virtual Exchange Edition

While PAX students touch many lives in their U.S. host communities, others go even further. The students featured in this special edition of PAX Press have put in a great deal of effort to connect their American communities with friends, families, and classmates back home and/or to create internet-based resources to foster understanding and meaningful dialogue—beyond the borders of their towns and long after they've returned home.

In this, the third annual "Virtual Exchange" edition, we cruise along on scooters with Swietenia's friends in Indonesia, watch as a Missouri class learns to sculpt ancient goods with the help of an art teacher in Armenia, and travel the world to hear what stereotypes international teens have of Americans.

As usual, it's as insightful as it is inspiring—thanks so much to all those who participated!

—The PAX Press team