March 2018, Vol. XXIII, No. 6

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In Grand Fashion 

PAX staff and coordinators recently received a very special treat at the annual PAX National Meeting. Twelve remarkably gifted PAX students–like Mevlut from Turkey pictured on the above issue "cover"–shared their talents and cultures with grand fashion! In this issue of PAX Press, we're excited to introduce you to these tremendous teens.

While the photos below will give you a sense for all of the excitement (and allow you to put faces to names), we also thought it would be great if they could introduce themselves to the entire PAX community in a more personal manner. In the "Best, Worst, Next" video section, our first four teens share (1) their best moment as an exchange student, (2) the most challenging part so far, and (3) what they are still looking forward to or hoping to accomplish.

While a big thanks goes naturally to the students themselves, we would be remiss not to extend our sincerest gratitude to their Indiana, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas coordinators and host families. There was no doubt a great deal of taxiing to practices and well-thought-out performance preparation which made the whole thing possible.

Thanks again; enjoy; and look for the remaining "Best, Worst, Next" videos in this program year's remaining issues of the newspaper for exchange students, host families, and schools.

–The PAX Press team

  • 1

    A native of Bali, Dian performed an incredible peacock-evoking dance.

  • 2

    Following his feelgood, Bollywood-style number, Nihar (YES, India) joined a number of other light-hearted group dances.

  • 3

    A standing ovation / The crowd had no choice / Haruka (Japan) stretched her opera voice!

  • 5

    Kolja (YES, Bosnia and Herzegovina)–fresh off his piano piece–sqeezes in (far left) for a group pic.

  • 7

    Ulan (FLEX, Kyrgyzstan) supplied the music for a traditional song together with his compatriot, vocalist extraordinaire Zharkynai.

  • 8

    In addition to an origami workshop, Sae (Japan) treated the audience to some uproariously deadpan, ninja-themed humor.

  • 3b

    It remains unclear whether the crowd found Zharkynai's (FLEX, Kyrgyzstan) singing or dancing more impressive/charming.

  • 9

    Zulfiya (FLEX, Tajikistan) slowed it down for a regional dance with an understated magic the audience may never again witness.

  • 10

    Natnicha (YES, Thailand) never needed any pantomiming reminders to smile on stage.

  • 11

    Explaining the significance of Sensō-ji Temple in Tokyo, Shuhei (Japan) would later enthrall groups with his magic.

  • 12

    Sara (center) led peers in a mesmerizing number inspired by her native Jordan.

  • 13

    The group takes a much-deserved timeout/photo op with Bradley Smith, PAX president and CEO.