November 2018, Vol. XXIV, No. 3

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3) Exchange Living

  • Swamy - India

    "This must be a very stressful time of year for you." Swamy (YES, India) recently visited a farm on a fun little weekend with his family and international sister Riko (Japan).

  • Qamar - Palestine 2

    Qamar from Palestine (front left) poses with her little sister Cera's soccer team. A real family affair, dad Shiloh leads these fearless footballers while big sister Emma is on mascot duty.

  • Sasha - Ukraine

    Sasha (lying) and the other main cast members of Peter and the Starcatcher (including host brother Sean, far left) pause for a pose at Paris High School in Illinois.

  • Roxanne - Coke

    Regional Development Manager Roxanne Lau's bunch spent one epic day in downtown Atlanta: the Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, the CNN Center, and of course World of Coke (including the American Idol couch).

  • Hacer - Turkey

    Now that the baseball season is over, the Olsons (WA) are learning how to tell fortunes in their coffee courtesy of Hacer (YES, Turkey).

  • Ines - Spain

    Ines from Spain and host sister Sadie seem to be getting along well enough in the Green Mountain State.

  • Ine - Belgium

    "I collect little things. Maybe a ticket to the movies, a gum wrapper, a cactus in the corner of a Mexican restaurant...I draw it and keep it in my sketch book." —Ine (Belgium), hosted by the Johnson family (AR)

  • Qamar - Palestine

    Both placed in Cottonwood, Arizona, Qamar (YES, Palestine) and Arta (FLEX, Montenegro) recently volunteered at "Kids Against Hunger.”