November 2018, Vol. XXIV, No. 3

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6) PAX's Got Vocalists!


I have always had a strong passion for singing, but I never had the opportunity to take singing lessons or brush up my talent. However, as soon as I came to the U.S., my host family heard me sing and urged me to join the choir. My choir teacher, in turn, encouraged me to audition for regional honors choir, and I did. Two weeks later, I was chosen to audition at the state level. As an exchange student, I feel honored beyond words to reach this level of competition, and I am looking forward to making the most out of this amazing experience.

For this contest, I am singing “Hallelujah” in English and in my mother tongue: Arabic. The main purpose behind this mash-up is to pay tribute to multiculturalism and shed light on music as a tool to unite people, bring them closer, and transcend misunderstandings. I have always wanted to be an ambassador of peace and harmony. This chance allows me to fulfill a dream that I have nurtured for so long through the magic of music, the charm of my voice, and the power of words.

—Khawla (YES, Morocco) hosted by the VanHouten family (MI)


  • Josu - Spain

    Performing under the name "Gango MC," the only thing more impressive than Josu from Spain's musical stylings are how incredibly well done his YouTube music videos are!

  • Carmen - Romania

    Singing has allowed Carmen (FLEX, Romania) to travel to Sweden, Italy, and Ukraine for contests. "When I am on stage in front of hundreds, I live the most fulfilling moments."