November 2018, Vol. XXIV, No. 3

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7) Painting a Life in a Year


Dea and Yuliia have at least two things in common—each is embracing her exchange year and each is a talented visual artist. The girls sent time lapse videos set to music sharing their creative process as their contest entries. We are so glad they shared this wonderful piece of themselves with all of us!

Dea (YES, Indonesia, hosted by the Brook family in Utah) has been drawing since the age of three. As she grew and expanded her drawing tools, she also expanded her style choices. She likes realism, cartoons, and even abstract art. She takes time every day to paint or draw, to improve her skills and capture her emotions during the many experiences of her exchange year.

Dea says, “I realized when I paint I can find my own happiness. For me, painting is another way of communicating something. I can express my feelings through visual art. Sometimes my pencil scratches can be firm or soft and sometimes my painting can be colorful or just black and white, depending on my mood at the time. Through painting, I can see many beautiful things that do not necessarily exist in the real world.”

Yuliia (FLEX, Ukraine, hosted by the Sanfilippo family in North Carolina) started painting when she was just six. With encouragement from her family, she drew pictures of people and nature scenes, and by middle school was competing in competitions. Her current ambition is to improve her portrait painting skills.

She says, “While painting, I feel relaxed and happy. I take inspiration from people, photos, and especially cozy atmospheres, which I always try to create around me. Fall is my favorite season of the year with all the sweaters, colorful trees, and falling leaves. These things inspire me to paint most of all! Painting is a small but an integral part of me and I am really happy to share it with PAX.” Yuliia’s inspiration for the picture in her video was the night sky and forests of North Carolina.