October 2019, Vol. XXV, No. 2

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1) My First Month

"Entering the house with the barking dog almost gave me a heart attack, but I am no longer afraid of it...it follows me everywhere."

—Lois (YES, Ghana) hosted by the Tibbits family (WA)

Like an American Teen

 Exchange student from Ukraine at high school football game in Indiana

For the first seconds of my new life, I couldn’t believe that the time had already come. I saw a woman with a poster in her hands and a girl with balloons next to her. It was my host family!

I spent a few days getting used to everything and trying new food. I went to...

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Adjusting in the Sunshine State

 High school exchange student from Germany is welcomed at Florida airport by host sister and host brother

After my first flight on my own, my host family welcomed me with smiles and beautiful posters. We had four days left until school started so I was able to meet the friend group of my host sister at the beach, which was a very nice day.

Then school started, and to be honest... 

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New Experiences for Nigerian

 Nigerian student on front steps of house with flowers

The first weeks of my stay in Missouri have been unforgettable! I improved my socializing skills, tried new food, and adapted to a new environment.

Getting through school for some people was pretty rough but not in my case. As an exchange student, I am kind of popular in school, and almost everyone...

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Magnificent Month in Midwest

 Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study student from Indonesia jumping in front of Wisconsin Capitol Building

Wisconsin is already home for me, and I love it. I love my second home.

I tried a lot of things in my first month. In the first week I went to my first American party and it was so fun! I enjoyed the dancing, the music, and of course the food. I love the food!

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Embracing the Unknown

 Teenage girl from Somaliland in front of Puget Sound in Washington

When I first came to New York for my orientation, I was fascinated by everything. There were tall green trees, happy smiling energetic people, and above all, the mysteries that I had to uncover and learn from in order to make most of this golden opportunity. 

Now, I'm out in Washington, and...

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Homecoming Traditions

 YES exchange student from Indonesia in suit for homecoming photo on front steps in Indiana

Homecoming is celebrated with sporting events, parades, or carnivals. This tradition stems from the desire to bring back alumni so that knowledge sharing can take place. But happiness is the dominant feeling around the campus.

The homecoming event I saw in Indianapolis...

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