October 2019, Vol. XXV, No. 2

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6) Photo Essay

"The first time I tried pizza, I said, 'It tastes horrible!' My host family bought me hot chicken wings instead."

—Salmata (YES, Sierra Leone), hosted by the Yoya family (AR)

  • 1 - Lighthouse

    Fatima (YES, Pakistan), her host sister, and her host dad enjoyed a Wisconsin afternoon by Lake Michigan.

  • 1 - Race Car

    Will Irene be the next Italian to win the Indy 500? (If so, she'll have to wait until she's off program...no driving!)

  • 1 - Young Sisters

    Did you think Jiya's (YES, India) little host sisters (WA) had reached peak cuteness on the issue cover? You were mistaken.

  • 2 - Iryna - Airport

    Indiana community coordinator Amy Cooper collects Iryna (FLEX, Ukraine) and Luqman (YES, Libya) at the airport.

  • 1 - Group

    Sporting their T-shirts, this cluster in Kansas shows off their PAX pride. (Thanks for sharing, Lucia!)

  • 3 - Nika - Veronica - Billiards

    PNW Pool: Nika (FLEX, Georgia) teaches Veronica (FLEX, Moldova) how to play billiards in Washington State.

  • 3 - Faly - Senegal

    Faly (left) and his classmates on the first day. The YES Senegalese admitted being very nervous, but "Everyone was so kind with me!"

  • 3 - Cristina - Volleyball

    Cristina (Spain, hosted in KS): I joined the volleyball team and we make a really good team. We’re like a family! I’m really happy here.

  • 2 - Nastya - Spirit Week

    Nastya (FLEX, Kazakhstan) and the Taylor crew dressed up as The Seven Dwarves during spirit week in Mississippi. (She's Happy and happy.)

  • 3 - Aidai - Purdue Volleyball

    Aidai (FLEX, Kyrgyzstan): "My host family's cousin is the volleyball coach at Eastern Michigan. Although, we wore Purdue shirts, we cheered on her team."

  • 3 - Palestine Presentation

    Mays (YES, West Bank) and her Indiana classmates after her first cultural presentation of the year.

  • 3 - Lois - Ghana

    Lois (YES, Ghana) and her host family, the Tibbits, enjoy a sunny day in Washington State.

  • 1 - Iryna - Passport

    Posing with her passport, Iryna's (FLEX, Ukraine) first stop was a month-long English camp in Moldova.

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