Community Coordinators

PAX community coordinator leaps in the air with her exchange students during an enhancement trip in Orlando


Make a Difference in the Lives of International Teens

As a community coordinator, your passion for working with teens shines as you guide clusters of courageous exchange students through once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

Welcome to My Town, USA!

To ensure that your town shows its best side, you get the word out to find and match students with great host families. Aided by the PAX team and your local knowledge, you place three students your first year then help them get their bearings at arrival orientation. Likewise, your communication skills allow you to make sure families have appropriate expectations for the year.

Always There For Your Students

When you observe during your monthly contact that a student and her host family are facing some interpersonal challenges, you are a trusted advisor. After touching base with your PAX regional director, your appreciation of cultural differences and experience with teens allow you to help your student and her host family map a plan for success.

Affect Your Community In a Unique and Powerful Way

Through your natural connections within your community, you foster relationships between students, host families, and others with whom they share interests. Perhaps a current student and host family would like to put on an international potluck. You could help coordinate as well as suggest adding a potential new host family to the guest list.

Serve as a Cultural Guide

In the spring, your students may be eager to check out a baseball game. One host dad joins to explain the intricacies of America’s favorite pastime. You explain why it’s appropriate to yell at the opposing pitcher and to the vendor trolling the stands. These unique cultural opportunities continue throughout the year.

Strengthen Ties with Schools and Civic Groups

School officials see that PAX students provide learning opportunities for the entire community—and that they can count on you to ensure students are enrolled according to school policy. You make an impact elsewhere in the community as well. Your students may be volunteers or athletes, and your host families advocates for international understanding and diversity.

Sharpen Skills by Joining the PAX Community

PAX teaches you about U.S. Department of State regulations and internal policies. You also receive training on selecting families, working with schools, and supporting participants. The all-expenses paid annual meeting—to destinations such as Puerto Rico, Orlando, and Charleston—is a great opportunity to learn from PAX staff and other coordinators, share best practices, meet representatives from overseas, and participate in engaging and informative workshops.

Deepen Your Cultural Understanding Through Travel Abroad

You never thought you would travel internationally for work, but PAX provides opportunities for coordinators to earn a one-week trip! This educational tour allows you to soak up a partner country’s culture. It also provides opportunities to visit schools, meet partners and students (past and future), and expand your understanding of participants’ home lives—all reasons to feel more confident in supporting students, families, and schools!

A Rewarding Opportunity

PAX is always improving local support around the country. If the independently-contracted, commission-based coordinator position sounds like a good fit, please complete our online application. Have questions? Give us a call at 800.555.6211.