Ukrainian FLEX student enjoying a sunny day in front of his Illinois high school
Sasha is ready to meet his school day head on in Illinois!

Smart and Selfless

PAX is proud to be nominate Oleksandr “Sasha” Serkov (FLEX, Ukraine) in Paris, Illinois to be the November FLEX Student of the Month.

Sasha says, “My American dream just started, but it is inevitably becoming true, and I want to share the culture of my country with anyone I meet!” And he is doing just that. The first people he met were the members of his host family—all nine of them! They enjoy doing activities together, traveling to nearby cities, and watching football games (a sport that Sasha was previously unfamiliar with).

Sasha takes many classes at Paris High School, where he is a straight-A student, including American Literature, Government, Chemistry, Algebra, Culinary Arts, P.E., and Drawing. In Chemistry class, Sasha participated in the “Smart Competition” and created a Cartesian Diver in the quickest time! He is also planning a project in which he will coordinate an online dialogue with Ukrainian students at his home school in Ukraine, so they can directly interact with American culture and break stereotypes about Americans.

As for extracurricular activities, Sasha participates in the Arts Club, Key Club, Bionic Club and Interactive Club (for volunteering), French Club, Cross-Country and will begin Tennis soon! Volunteering seems to be a passion of Sasha’s. He volunteered for four days at the local Honeybee Festival, serving attendees at the Pancake Tent. He also volunteers as an usher at the local Fine Arts Center events, and church events where he is part of the audio/visual crew. Sasha has completed his required 20 hours of volunteer service, but says he is not going to stop!

A noteworthy achievement of Sasha’s is that he was interviewed for a lovely article in the local newspaper about his exchange experience, and eloquently represented not just his home country of Ukraine, but the exchange program as a whole. “When I talk about differences, that is what they are—differences. It does not mean one is better or worse than the other,” says Sasha in the article.

Well said, Sasha! Keep up the good work!

—The PAX Sponsored Team