From left to right, Erin (Marzaan’s host sister), Marzaan, and Amina (YES, Tunisia) “go jump in a creek” near Red Rock Crossing.

Southwestern Sizzle

I've had a great first month. In addition to hanging out on a bench with Einstein, my host family and I went to the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, where my sisters had Spanish dance performances. It was truly a magnificent day. The village looked like a place straight out of artistic independent movies which usually took place in Spain or France, with small red buildings filled with boutiques and art galleries.

My sisters and the dance crew danced in the center of the village showing off the Spanish heritage. It was truly magnificent. After lunch, we went to Red Rock Crossing to swim in the creek. Even though the water was cold for me since I’m from a tropical country, I had a very fun time and a truly memorable day!

—Marzaan (YES, Bangladesh), hosted by the Kitterman family (AZ)