Raikhangul poses with host sister Erin following the young Kazakh's first choir concert.

Still Singing in America

Music is a wonderful art that brings people joy. I think music can cheer people up and make them feel better. When you are in a bad mood or something is wrong in your life, listening to your favorite music can help you to cope with your problems. Perhaps this is why I like music and cannot imagine my life without it.

Since my childhood, I have really loved singing and dancing. In kindergarten, teachers saw talent in me and started to teach me how to sing and dance. Kindergarten was the start of my singing life. At school, I always sang in different concerts, celebrations, and competitions. I won first place in an English song contest in our city competition.

I came to the United States of America and I did not stop singing.

From my first day in the U.S., I knew that I wanted to take choir classes. In Kazakhstan, we do not have choir classes at school. Now, I am in Concert Chorale and Women’s Chorus, and I love them so much! These are my favorite classes.

I am really lucky to have a really talented host family. My host mother can play the piano. My host sister can sing, play the piano, ukulele, and violin, which is really cool, because we can sing and do covers together!

Singing for me is not just a hobby. It is a part of my life. I will never stop singing because I love it so much!

—Raikhangul (FLEX, Kazakhstan), hosted by the Murphy family (OH)