YES international students from Pakistan and Turkey stand under a waterfall with friend after a hike during an enhancement trip
After a tough hike, Humza (YES, Pakistan), Kieran, and Mehmet (YES, Turkey) find the waterfall refreshing!

Taking the Plunge

Each year, I take my students on a hike up to a waterfall after our student orientation. Students get a chance to meet each other as I have them rotate partners during the walk. It’s not an easy hike, but when they are done, we talk about how we can do hard things.

Mehmet and Humza, along with my daughter, took full advantage of the waterfall at the top.

That is what the exchange is about—stepping out of our comfort zones with full power to take on the year. Way to go, Mehmet and Humza!

—Jamie Paskins (UT), community coordinator