Technology for Change

I am a person from the country with the fourth largest population in the world, with about 300 ethnic groups, and more than 700 languages. ​​Many religious differences make this country look special, but can cause division as well.

As part of the next generation of this country I realize that the various peoples of Indonesia increasingly compete to be the best in various ways. Mostly they cannot accept differences because they're narrow-minded. They start to slander each other and frankly, it makes me feel sick. I realize it’s my responsibility to try and change that.

Therefore, I collaborated with my good friends from Indonesia and America to exchange ideas, ask each other about many things, and also learn each other’s languages. My concept was about how people now do not want to open their eyes to a problem. They choose to let it be and believe with their own stigma. They forget that with today's advanced technology, we can use it positively and change the way we view something.

—Fathoyya (YES, Indonesia), hosted by the Gardner family (WA)